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Slice of Cake Cutter (for cakepops)

Our Slice of Cake Cutter is the perfect tool for creating adorable cake slice-shaped cakepops! This cutter is specifically designed to perfectly fit My Little Cakepop’s cake slice cakepop mold, making the process of creating cute and realistic cake pop designs a breeze. Whether you prefer working with fondant, marzipan, or modeling chocolate, this cutter will effortlessly create the perfect cake slice shape every time. Simply apply the cut-out to your cakepop using edible glue, and then let your creativity flow. 


Made from certified food grade PLA+ 3D printer filament and is lab tested to be U.S. FDA Compliant. 


Get ready to elevate your cake pop game with this fantastic Slice of Cake Cutter!


Shop My Little Cakepop's Slice of Cake cakepop Mold here:


Care Instructions for 3D Printed Cookie Cutters:

1. Wash with lukewarm water and mild soap after each use.

2. Dry thoroughly with a clean towel.

3. Store in a dry place away from heat and sunlight.

4. Avoid dishwasher; hand wash only.

5. Handle with care to prevent bending or damage.

Slice of Cake Cutter (for cakepops)

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